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the Unitarian Church of Staten Island The Rev. Darrell Berger, Minister
312 Fillmore Street
Staten Island, NY 10301
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About the Minister

Rev. Darrell Berger

“Seeking the One Great Remedy”

Rev. Darrell Berger,

April, 2014

Seeking the One Great Remedy by Lorien Foote, is a biography of Francis George Shaw, an early Transcendentalist Abolitionist member of our congregation. He was one of the richest men in America in the first half of the twentieth century, a leading public intellectual, and President of our Board from 1856-59. His son, Robert Gould Shaw, was killed while leading a black regiment, memorialized in the movie Glory. Our “History of Our Church” web page has more.

Shaw’s grandfather almost invented the China trade. He attended church in West Roxbury when Theodore Parker was minister, and was a benefactor to Brook Farm.

He was friends with Emerson and Fuller. He was a founder of the Republican Party and corresponded with Lincoln. He helped several progressive writers, like Henry George.

Image what it was like to be trying to elect a presidential candidate from a new party that would be sympathetic to abolitionist views, while also leading our Board of Trustees? I wonder which job was more challenging?

The book is available from and I recommend it to any Unitarian Universalist who would enjoy reading about a man who put his values into action. The title refers to his search for equality and justice. If we falter in our search today, his example will inspire.

                                                                     *   *   *

Our Minister

Rev. Berger was born in Toledo, Ohio and attended Vanderbilt University and Divinity School. He has over 25 years experience as a UU minister, mostly serving on a full-time basis. He has served churches in North Carolina and Massachusetts.

Closer to Staten Island he has served the Fourth Universalist Society in Manhattan and until now as a Halftime Consulting minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County in Orange, NJ. He has experience with smaller congregations and historical buildings.

"This will be the fourth congregation I've served with an historic church building," Rev. Berger said. "The task of ministry to the building and the congregation is the same: carefully maintain what still works and renovate what doesn't."

He enjoys preaching and his topics range widely, always returning to the central themes of social justice equality. "Theologically, I'm a Transcendentalist," Rev. Berger said. "Emerson used Buddhism and poetry to help realize an American spirituality that bends toward justice. I try to follow that path."

He is also an expert on baseball history and memorabilia and has co-written books with former players Roy White and Mitch Williams. He has been a featured speaker at the New York City Chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), speaking on "Baseball Players as Human Beings."

He lives in Jersey City with his wife, two dogs and two cats.

*   *   *

Rev. Berger's Sermons

Rev. Berger's sermons from past services can be found here >

Contact Rev. Berger:

Church Office: 718-447-2204
Email: minister -at-

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